Merkel: Walking South City

This event is no longer on sale.

Saturday August 5

1:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Hidden among the streets of St. Louis's south side are stories that span centuries.  In the wake of COVID-19, author, and journalist Jim Merkel set out on a walk that would take him block-by-block through the tales of history and community in South City.  Completing the walk incrementally, Merkel ponders the ways in which the area changed over time.  Along the way, he interviews some of the unique characters and leaders who help maintain the city, encounters quirky stores and restaurants, and enjoys beautiful scenery in parks and on restored streets.  Most of all, he finds hope in the underdogs, in the neighborhoods that have come back to life after decades of decline, and in the people whose love for their homes and their neighborhoods remains steadfast despite everything.

South City is many things, but most importantly, it is a place where neighbors gather often, where people come together in hardship, and where small businesses and authenticity thrive.  In Walking South City, Merkel crafts a thorough depiction of the area, with respect for the past and hope for the future.  Grab your walking shoes, follow along, and get ready to look at South City in a way you never have before.

Once you arrive at Bellefontaine Cemetery at 4947 W. Florissant, follow the directional signage to Hotchkiss Chapel.